National Council of Science Museums (NCSM)

Ministry of Culture, Government of India

North Bengal Science Centre

General Visitor Entry Ticket 25/- Per Head 
Digital Planetarium 25/- Per Head 
3D Film Show 20/- Per Head 
Science Show 10/- Per Head 
Taramandal 10/- Per Head 
General  Visitors  in Group
(25 or more visitor in a group)     
Entry Ticket  20/- Per Head 
Digital Planetarium  20/- Per Head 
3D Film Show  15/- Per Head 
Science Show  10/- Per Head 
Taramandal  10/- Per Head 
Student Visitors
(in a school group)
Entry Ticket  10/- Per Head
Digital Planetarium 15/- Per Head
3D Film Show 10/- Per Head
Science Show 10/- Per Head
Taramandal  10/- Per Head
Govt. School Student Visitors
(in a school group)    
Entry Ticket   5/- Per Head 
Digital Planetarium  10/- Per Head 
3D Film Show  10/- Per Head 
Science Show  5/- Per Head 
Taramandal  5/- Per Head 
Vehicle For Wheelers 25/-
For 3/2 Wheelers 15/-


  1. At least 20 students coming from school with the letter from the head of the institution will only be considered as  student group.
  2. At least 25 visitors coming in group will only be considered as visitors in group.

    Show Timings are subject to change
    Right of Admission Reserved